How it works

UpRockets has a built-in AI powered trading algorithm that utilises the staked funds in its treasury to generate APY yield by strategically capitalising on the volatility in the crypto-markets with tight stop loss to limit the risks.

Stake Your Crypto
& Earn Every Second.

UpRockets has been built to help holders earn passive income safely without selling their crypto assets. Track your profit every second.

  • Flexible lockup periods
  • No Withdrawal Limits
  • No hidden fees or taxes
  • Withdraw anytime

Trusted and Audited

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Unlock Unlimited Rewards by Introducing Your Friends to the World of Amazing Returns. Earn UpTo 15% in Crypto Rewards for Every Deposit Made by your Referral.

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Unleash Collective Growth with Your Community

Earn a revenue share by joining Uprocket's Community leader program. Enjoy a success multiplier along with your referral commission every time your referral makes a deposit.

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Intelligent Contract

Uprocket has developed a unique trading algorithm that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. In this concept, AI algorithms play a crucial role in creating Intelligent Contracts, which are settled on-chain and participate in the consensus algorithm.

The integration of blockchain technology ensures that the decisions made by the AI algorithms are secure and cannot be manipulated or influenced from outside the network. This creates a high level of certainty among all network participants, which is essential for the success of the Uprocket's Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Contract (UAIBC).

Overall, Uprocket's proprietary trading algorithm concept highlights the strong interdependency between AI and blockchain technologies, showcasing how these technologies can work together to deliver highest APY.

We have developed a unified space for our users where they can avail all the financial services that they desire for free, without having to switch between exchanges. The UpRockets Exchange & Trade will aid in facilitating this purpose. Swapping into a stablecoin or a crypto is absolutely free from protocol fees.

UpRockets Exchange & Trade offers a user-friendly interface with real-time market data and advanced trading tools. Moreover, the platform ensures the security of users' assets through robust security protocols.

UpRockets analytical dashboard enables users to track their mission rockets in real-time. We have deployed an analytical dashboard protocol and integrated with UpRockets platform, enabling income analytics and monitoring the APY rebase mechanism. The dashboard has sections where users can track real-time data that shows the total yield earned, current in process missions, and the amount of money that has been raised through referral rewards.

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Token Allocation

The $URF Token will be the digital currency of the UpRockets platform, set to incentivize users to utilize Uprocket's AI trading algorithm through Dapp portal, which is fueled by $URF and is crucial for the functionality of the underlying Uprockets technology.

FUEL Tokens Utility Features:
  • Uprockets fuel token $URF will give you the highest staking APY
  • Payment method for goods and services offered via UpRockets solutions
  • Rewards for nodes securing the network.
  • There will be no withdrawal fee for the $URF token
  • $URF token will be listed & traded on major decentralized exchanges, where you can provide liquidity & collect fees.
  • $URF token will earn you the highest referral commission
  • At the time of launching, we are deliberately keeping the market cap very low to give the UpRockets community an edge start & can make 3 to 5 times returns in the short term, while potentially 2 to 3 times returns in the long term.
  • $URF's upside potential is huge if you compare its initial market cap with its competitors, $URF far exceeds when it comes to token utility & integration into the Uprockets ecosystem.

Don't Sell Hard Cap Assets

Smart funds management system is designed to analyse the protocols cash flows & multiple trading indicators to generate highest possible yield with minimum risk which is sustainable to make sure that staking rewards stay lucrative enough to attract smart-money.

UpRockets smart contracts are audited by reputed audit firms & battle-tested with military-grade 256-bit encryption to make sure that users can safely connect, deposit and access their funds safely while earning staking rewards with peace of mind.

UpRockets Dao plans to propose the community vote to seek extra protection by partnering with Bitgo or ledger vault for digital assets held by the protocol as collectively they both carry over $200M insurance protection via the most prestigious underwriters.

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User Testimonials

  • When I first got to know about Uprockets I had no idea of how to stake and how it all works. But many thanks to the supportive Facebook community for answering my questions and clearing all my doubts. Now the amount of profits I've made far exceeds my initial investment. That's why I can say I have no regrets starting early with UpRockets.

    Emma Megan

  • I was very skeptical about investing in UpRockets after being scammed several times in other fancy schemes, but when I saw testimonies of the people who were making bank with it, I started digging the rabbit hole down the line and did my own research to find it a legit platform. The High APY is sustained by the amazing rebase feature that is already built in it. Pure genius i must say

    Maria Levine

  • I tried so many things on the internet but never found this kind of success as everything I touched was either fake or required me to recruit others in order to make money. UpRockets is truly a passive income generator you don’t need to refer to in order to make money with it. Now I just casually talk about it in my friends circle and they are getting in like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a money-printer on steroids.

    Avery Flores

  • Hey!! I'm still in shock and so happy over the withdrawal of $8,300! I came across a testimony referring me to UpRockets and I must admit, I was nervous at first, but now, withdrawing this much profit is something I couldn't imagine. I'm grateful to be testifying of the good work of the UpRockets team, they are so talented & genuine. Always building new features and communication with the community is top-notch.

    Ellie Brown

  • I can't stop staking my crypto into uprockets. Initially I was a bit scared but I'm so happy I took that step. I advise any member here who is still having doubts to grab this opportunity now. Start small, learn along the way and when you are ready go all-in :) take profits out and keep reinvesting your seed money because that’s what i have been doing since i started

    Isabella Charlotte

  • Both the product and Uprockets community are amazing :) Aside from the admins there are some experienced investors which are part of the community. They interact with you and they give you all possible support to get better and I find myself getting better everyday. I can see the improvement from the day I started and to now and yes definitely I would highly recommend anyone to start with Uprockets on their crypto journey. All you need is to use my referral link if you want God to bless you with the never-ending fortune :)

    Jacob Noah

You have questions?

We have answers

What is & How does it work? is a crypto staking platform which generates high APY (annual percentage yield) for its users. It’s a totally autonomous protocol built on ethereum blockchain which is decentralised & secure to use. UpRockets has a built-in AI (artificial intelligence) powered trading algorithm that utilises the staked funds in its treasury to generate this yield by strategically capitalising on the volatility in the crypto-markets with tight stop loss to limit the risks.

How much money can I make by staking my crypto into UpRockets?

UpRockets can generate up to 980% APY that's actually 10X of your initial stake amount if you lock-in your crypto for at least 1 year but for the shorter staking periods the APY gets reduced. You can see the current staking packages & APYs using the calculator here. just put in your desired amount & # of days & it will show you the estimated return.

Are these High APY returns actually sustainable in the long-term?

UpRockets has a built-in rebase system that continuously evaluates the cash-flows & long-term investment positions of the users including

  1. Total Deposits over the last 30 days
  2. Average staking period
  3. Total Withdrawals over the last 30 days

These factors combined with the average market volatility index of the last 7-days determine the APYs !

  1. More deposits means more funds for UpRockets to generators more profits → High APY
  2. More volatility in the markets means more opportunities to make big gains → High APY
  3. Longer staking periods give UpRockets high liquidity to safely generate high returns → High APY
  4. Withdrawals remove liquidity hence if they are continuously higher than total inflows for 7-consecutive days the UpRockets protocol will decrease the APY automatically.

How can I get started with UpRockets?

  1. UpRockets is a crypto-staking platform so you need crypto to stake. Currently, it supports USDT(TETHER) or ETH(ETHEREUM) only. You can buy crypto from coinbase or directly via metamask using your bank or card depending upon your country.
  2. After purchasing crypto, simply connect your crypto wallet(s) i.e. Coinbase or Metamask with
  3. The next step is to deposit your funds into UpRockets wallet simply by just clicking the “Deposit” button there you will select coin, amount and hit “Pay button” that will trigger your crypto wallet & ask you to confirm that transaction. After hitting “confirm” you wait on the screen unless it refreshes itself (Don’t close the tab) let the transaction go through.
  • Sometimes, metamask shows huge transaction fees for making a transaction therefore if the fees are $50+ you can opt for a direct deposit. For that, just connect your wallet with UpRockets once at least so your account is created and then from the same address that you connected your wallet with, make a direct transfer to this Ethereum address “uprockets.eth”
  1. Once you have the money into your UpRockets wallet you can choose the staking mission & stake your crypto with just a click of a button.

What's the minimum & maximum amount that I can deposit into UpRockets?

Minimum $500 Tether (USDT) or $500 worth of Ethereum (ETH) and there is no max limit.

What's the minimum & maximum amount that I can stake into UpRockets?

Minimum $500 Tether (USDT) & maximum $100K while for Ethereum (ETH) the minimum is 1 ETH & maximum is 50 ETH. However you can choose and run multiple staking missions at once. For example if you want to stake 100 ETH you can choose 2 stakings of 50 ETH each.

What is UpRockets DAO?

UpRocketsDAO is the next step in the evolution of UpRockets that will make it completely community owned crypto project. The governance structure of UpRocketsDao is still under development which will run on $UPR token. $UPR token will be airdropped on the active UpRockets users with respect to their proportion of stakings balance. Users will be able to stake $UPR, token, trade it or use it to vote on the direction of UpRockets.

What guarantees the security of my money?

UpRockets is built on Ethereum which is the most used & secure blockchain in the world so all the funds staked into UpRockets are 100% safe & there’s no risk of hacking or theft. Also the UpRockets smart-contracts are fully audited by an independent third-party as well.

Is there any chance of losses with UpRockets?

No, UpRockets is designed to continuously rebase its APYs to ensure indefinite sustainability & all the trades done by its artificial trading engine use a tight stop-loss strategy to avoid any significant losses to the UpRocket’s Treasury.

What security measures are there in place since we give up custody of our eth?

UpRockets is non-custodial protocol it doesn’t hold users funds because they are always invested somewhere that's why withdrawals are not instant but on-demand. To enhance user safety and prevent potential suspicious or fraudulent activities, the algorithm will automatically suspend withdrawal privileges for accounts that have remained inactive for 120 consecutive days without any deposit or withdrawal transactions. To reactivate your account and ensure it remains secure, you are required to initiate a minimum deposit transaction before you use your account normally. This measure is designed to safeguard your account against unauthorized access after an extended period of inactivity.

Do I need to refer someone to make money with UpRockets?

No, It’s totally passive income but referring others is highly rewarding.

How much referral commission will I earn?

You can earn UpTo 15% referral commission for a deposit that your referral makes.

Can I earn referral commission as a FREE member too?

Yes, UpRockets provides this opportunity to make money with its referral system even if you don’t have an active staking

How can I refer someone?

You can find your referral link into your UpRockets wallet. Click on “Your UpRockets address on the Upper Right corner” then you will see a red color button “Copy your Referral link” Anyone who will connect their wallet with UpRockets using your referral link will become your referral & Or you can simply ask your referral to put your ETH address in their profile page where it says “My Sponsor's ETH Address” and hit save.

Can I refer myself?

Yes you can create two accounts for yourself but don't cross-refer for example creating 2 accounts and referring each other. The system will flag this as fraudulent activity & ban both account for 180 days. During the ban period all of your active stakings will run as they were because the money won't leave the system its still yours & it will sit in your account during the ban period. After your ban period is over you can't re-stake or do anything but only withdraw all of your money.

How much time does it take to withdraw my money from UpRockets?

UpRockets is a non-custodial protocol which means it holds minimal balance in its treasury while most of the money is always invested to generate income so when a user requests a withdrawal it triggers a notification and protocol is bound to process the withdrawal within 24 hr to 72 hr.

Is there any Withdrawal fee?

Yes, UpRockets charges a hefty 20% withdrawal fee or (Protocol’s share) on every withdrawal that user has requested. It's the only source of income for developers to keep building new features and get paid.

Why is the withdrawal fee so high? Is there any way to avoid it?

The Withdrawal fee is kept on par with the referral reward in order to protect the system from bad actors who can abuse it by making their own second account, get 15% referral commission and immediately try to withdraw it. But the good news is that there is a “Transfer feature” built in which helps users transfer their funds to other users for free. It can help you onboard your friends quickly as you will just send them crypto from your account and take hard-cash in return.

Is there any minimum or maximum withdrawal amount requirement?

The minimum withdrawal amount requirement is $200 & there is no limit on maximum.

Are there any hidden charges or fees, taxes etc?

No, there are no hidden fees or BS.

I could not find the answer to my Question, who can I reach out for help?

The UpRockets Facebook community has your back, you are welcome to join the group & ask your questions there.