Perks of Becoming a Commnunity Leader

Community Leaders are enthusiastic individuals who promote UpRockets and educate the community about it. As a reward for their efforts, they are generously compensated.

  • Higher Earnings
  • Quarterly Gifts/Bonuses
  • Lucrative side-business
  • Direct access to the Team
  • Priority access to new features
  • VIP access pass of the meetups
  • Lion’s share in Future Endeavours
  • Technical Support
  • Personal Growth Opportunity
  • Community Recognition

What do the Community Leaders do?

Community Leaders build, grow and educate their communities around UpRockets. For example if you have a reasonable online following you can leverage it to build an everlasting passive income source for yourself by creating a Facebook group or similar community to share information about UpRockets and help others get started using your referral link.

Promote UpRockets & Invite people to join your community group
Do frequent giveaways to reward and engage your community
Collab with other groups and influencers to get the word out
Create content & use paid ads to bring new community members
Create your own personal branded website to promote UpRockets
Show your progress to inspire others to start early

How Much Money does a Community Leader make?

There’s no cap on the earnings “the more you promote the more money you will make”

Referral commission x success multiplier = Total Compensation

We selected the "Referral Commission" as the metric to reward all Community Leaders for their success, regardless of the platform they use. This is because each leader has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The higher the referral commission earned, the greater the success multiplier will be. Here are the success multipliers you can enjoy as a Community Leader

  • $10K or more x 1.5 = $15K or more
  • $30K or more x 2.0 = $60K or more
  • $50K or more x 2.5 = $125K or more

Who can Apply to Become One?

We have only 50 slots & anyone who has at-least 5 active referrals in UpRockets can apply for the community leaders’ role by filling out the information form below. (Our team reviews the application within 48hrs to get back to you).

Information Form

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